G Suite for healthcare businesses

Secure productivity tools that help you help others.

Give patients fast, efficient service while meeting the strict requirements of regulations like HIPAA.

Provide HIPAA-compliant access to patient information.

  • Store patient data files in a HIPAA-compliant repository in Google Drive.
  • Use Google’s mobile device management and encryption to keep the data secure.
  • Allow authorised employees to access the information from any corporate-managed device.
  • Easily search and find information that you need and are authorised to access with Cloud Search.

Streamline operations by going paperless.

  • Collaborate more efficiently by sharing X-rays, CT scans and voice and video messages as digital files (up to 5 TB each) on Drive.
  • Access files through Google’s secure environment to minimise the constraints of EHR/EMR applications.
  • Eliminate inconsistent and outdated versions of documents.

Create an information hub for important updates and documents.

  • Move all your internal communications, announcements, policy updates and training materials to Drive.
  • Link to everything from an easy-to-build Google Sites website.
  • Give access to all employees or just a select group.

Improve the patient experience with fast, simple service.

  • Start every visit by having patients complete online Google Forms surveys to provide their intake information.
  • Forms data goes straight into Google Sheets where doctors and nurses can add their own notes.
  • Staff members see the information in real time and can follow up with patients immediately.

Make mobile healthcare easier.

  • Keep patient information in Google Docs, Sheets or other files stored in Google Drive.
  • Access and update the information from anywhere using laptops, tablets or smartphones.
  • Get more face time with remote patients by using Google Hangouts for video conferencing.

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