Referral Programme supported countries

The G Suite Referral Programme is currently available to referrers based in the following countries:


Country Referral bonus(per user)
Argentina USD 15
Brazil USD 15
Canada USD 15
Chile USD 15
Colombia USD 15
Mexico USD 15
Peru USD 15
United States USD 15

Asia Pacific

Country Referral bonus(per user)
Australia AUD 15*
Hong Kong HKD 115*
India** USD 7.50
Japan ¥1,800*
New Zealand NZD 20*
Singapore SGD 20*


Country Referral bonus(per user)
Belgium EUR 12
France EUR 12
Germany EUR 12
Ireland EUR 12
Italy EUR 12
Netherlands EUR 12
Portugal EUR 12
Spain EUR 12
United Arab Emirates USD 15
United Kingdom GBP 10

If your country isn't listed here, please tell us where you’re located. Click here and select "Other" in the country drop-down menu.

* If programme participants outside India and in the Asia Pacific region are referring customers based in India, the referral bonus will be adjusted based on the lower G Suite subscription cost. The referral bonus per user will be: USD7.50.

** If programme participants in India are referring customers based in other participating Asia Pacific countries, the referral bonus per user will be increased to USD 15.